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How to build a link in bio website for free

A simple guide to get you started.

A selection of link in bio sites built on Universe

What is a link in bio?

A link in bio is a directory for your business or life online. It’s the only profile page you have complete control over. A place to organize all of the places where you can be found.

In practice, this personal landing page lives in the bio section of your social media profiles. On it, you can fit all your other profiles, sites, and shareable content in one link.

Your link in bio is your space to use how you like. Your own corner of the internet.

What are the benefits of using a link in bio?

πŸ”— One resource for all your fans and followers

πŸ”— Allows you to route traffic where you want it to go

πŸ”— Mobile responsive layouts make navigating links easier from a phone

πŸ”— Helpful for link tracking and analytics

Who should create a link in bio?

Why Use Universe to build your link in bio?

Unconstrained customization

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Design your site your way in the award-winning no code editor.

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E-commerce enabled

Add products to make your link in bio shoppable.

Build from anywhere

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Edit your site with our iOS or Mac apps, or from our web app in any browser.

Top link in bio sites built on Universe


21-year old TikTok creator with over 5 million followers, known for their prolific comedy skits.



Lauren J. Nicole


Inspirational TikTok creator with over 2.8 million followers and several beauty collaborations




Lil Gnar

Oakland-born rapper, skateboarder and owner of the clothing brand, Gnarcotic.



Some tips for a high performing link in bio

βœ… Design for mobile with large menu buttons placed near the top of the page

βœ… Make sure your layout and button design are consistent

βœ… Add a combination of internal and external links

βœ… Include your headshot or official business logos

βœ… Use a custom domain


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