Your website is a home for your business. Think about how you can use content and marketing to get customers through the door.
Mailchimp is a powerful email and marketing platform
Depop is a cool new way to sell clothes across a community
Use the link block to add all your online profiles to your site
Use the contact block to make it easy for your customers to reach you
Shopify is a powerful all-in-one commerce platform
You can use Bitly to get insights for links that you share from your site
There are countless options available for selling products and services online. We gathered some of the essentials to make the process a little easier. This guide is will help you find everything you need to set up an online store with your Universe site.
Get creative with how you present your products and services. Use photos, videos, and text to give customers added context.
Pro: Get a custom domain and contact email address to make your store official
Create your online store
Pro: Use the Shopify block to upload your products and sell them in minutes
Make sure to add a page to your site with store information and ways for your customer to contact you should they have any questions.
Add a link to your store on all your online profiles. Customers shouldn’t have to go hunting for a link to purchase your products.
Apps We Love
Use page templates to add information about your business and products
Example Sites
Buffer can be used as a marketing tool for selling with content
Questions? Contact us.
Best Practices
Universe Tips
Etsy is a good option for makers to sell their goods online