Universe Community Guidelines

Universe Believes

Everyone should be able to create the web.

Universe believes in empowering everyone to build the internet. We believe strongly in the democratization of the internet to allow for the freedom of expression and unfettered creativity.  Our mission is to build the tools so you can create the internet from the palm of your hand. We strive to make Universe the most instinctive, inventive, and empowering tool out there. We have designed our Community Guidelines to with our mission in mind — that being said, there are things that we don't allow which are outlined on this page.

How these guidelines are enforced.

We know our creators are diverse and may have different ways of viewing the world around them. We are open minded and like to give second chances. However, if we discover you stepping across any of the lines listed below, we will take action, which may mean deleting your site and/or terminating your account with or without warning.

You can report a site that is violating our Community Guidelines here. A member of the Trust & Safety Team will review the report. If our Community Guidelines have been violated, will contact the creator to let them know that they are outside these guidelines.

What is not allowed?

Here are the basics of what we don’t allow on Universe Sites:

Hate speech

• Bullying

• Harassment

• Threats

• Sharing of adult sites or content

• Doxing

• Illegal activity

• Exploitation of minors

You can view the full descriptions of our Community Guidelines by tapping the button below.

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