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How do you describe yourself and your art?

i’d say i’m someone who looks at life like a canvas adding the colors and brushstrokes that represent what i’m in search for—or in this case creating towards—while preferring to draw outside of the lines letting each marking be its own beautiful mistake. as for my art i’d describe it as a unique blend of nostalgia with abstract feeling.

How did you come up with the name RIP?

my artist name has a lot of different meanings ranging from personal to a more general understanding. in this convo i’ll share the main iteration i want people to remember, that being; we say RIP when a loved one or someone who has passed away - the typical definition for “rest in peace”. instead what i want to do while still respecting its general form is flipping the term towards ourselves in that why wait til we are dead to find peace, why not have peace while living.

Is your art influenced by anything in particular? How did you develop your style?

my style is a materialization of my personality. definitely influenced by my people, my struggles and my environment. some may say i got the art style figured out but truth be told i’m always learning. as for artistic influences there’s many artists such as - schulz the creator of peanuts (an obvious one), picasso, basquiat, gustave dore, patrick martinez, blue, randy perez, daniel arsham, murakami, kentaro miura, some pokemon illustrators such as mitsuhiro arita, a lot of cartoon shows and video games growing up so shout out to the animators behind them. man even in other mediums like hip hop musicians or even photographers, there’s a lot of inspirations in the world...if i had a good memory on names i’d go on forever.

What piece/project are you the most proud of?

i’m most proud of being part of a project called “the house is burning” an album by isaiah rashad. i had the honor of creating the album art up to the merch collection, just the whole artistic direction. can’t stress enough my gratitude for that and for those who were a catalyst during that period.

Your album + single covers are really cool, how do you go about collaborating with other creatives/musicians on projects like these? Do you have a musician you’d really like to work with in the future?

there’s always a beginning and i’m thankful for the catalysts that the foundation at that time provided while i absorbed and learned from so i can implement the teachings along my own path. as for collaborations most of the time they reach out to me with some idea and i help bring that to life to complement their vision. other times i’m shooting in the dark providing my own concepts beforehand with little to no guidance. for example the SABA few good things merch, i pitched a merch concept zine and they really enjoyed them bringing that to life alongside his album. as for what musicians i’d like to work with in the future i’d say kenny mason, joey badass, and kid cudi to name a few. oh and maybe the dreamville camp. mac definitely would be one if he was still here.

How has your art evolved over time?

i guess the experiences i faced and continue to face now and on. always open to try new forms or stepping away and doing something else then coming back refreshed with new ideas. just chipping at my craft & honing my skills.

Are there creative rituals that you try to upkeep?

clearing my thoughts. i tend to overthink and that disrupts me a lot. so resetting, stepping away sometimes, getting a recharge in my energy. also listening to music helps ease the motion. as well as doing warm up sketches that have no concept helps me flow. all in all just being present in the moment to be honest. not to say i mastered it but it’s the effort that matters.

What is a website to you?

a website is an extension of you, your brand or whatever it is that you are using the website for. it’s really an important core in my opinion that enables the audience to catcha a glimpse into your world. rather than just using default custom settings and slapping product to sell. presentation is key especially in this digital age.

Passing the mic - anything else you’d like to share?

what i do is for the kids that i see a lot of myself in. i want people to know they are not alone in the suffering and hardships of life. if you going through it keep pushing because it doesn’t last. that dark cloud up above goes away and the sun always shines.


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