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The options are pretty straightforward, but here's a description of each just in case: Open Another Page: This lets you create a link to any other page on your site (even hidden ones). Open Website: This lets you link to any URL on the Internet: files on Dropbox, payment links—everything that you can enter in your browser search bar. Send Email: This lets people email you at any desired email address Call Phone Number: This lets people call you at any desired phone number Tap on the one on you’d like to use to finish adding the action to the block.
That’s all it takes. You can use the action palette to make people do things on your site. Here are all the blocks that work with the action palette:
Make your site interactive
Websites are an awesome way to interact with your customers and audience. The action palette makes it super easy to take a block on your site and give it a customizable action. This is magic of websites; getting people to engage with your site—and then getting them to do something. Normally, you'd need to program this stuff with code, but with the action palette, you can do it with just a couple of taps.
There's a block for adding almost any kind of element to your site, so we'll cover the most common ones and you can go explore the rest. To get started, try adding a text, photo, or button block to any page on your site. Inside the block palette, tap on the ACTION tab. This is where you can access the settings to make a block do something when someone clicks on it.