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How does your website play into all of this? What do you use it for?
Coming from a moving image industry, having a strong portfolio is very important to me. The best way to express your work is to show it, loudly in the best way possible. Universe was the first tool that enabled me to have complete creative freedom with the layouts I wanted. I love that it is so easy to match the visual layout to the work I am presenting on each and every page, each one different from the other. This is so important for me, as I cover a variety of different aspects of the industry whether it be 3D or 2D elements. I have used a few other sites in my past; however, none met the expectations I had for a creative platform. None gave me the freedom and ease of creating my own domain and connecting with other artists with a click of a button like Universe.
The dream is slowly but surely approaching. Being able to have creative freedom and represent what I stand for is honestly the dream. The aim is to pursue a successful creative directing career whilst bringing awareness to BAME, female artist in London, presenting awareness to societal issues within media, whilst providing immersive strong and enjoyable content.
My name is Jasmeen Armani, I’m a British Indian 23-year-old artist from London. I recently graduated a Fashion BA (Hons) Visual Merchandising and Branding degree at London college of Fashion and I’m currently a final year MA Visual Effect student at University of the Arts. I’ve always been someone who liked to challenge the odds, resulting in a path out of the norm. It started when I developed an interest in computer generated 3D components which lead to a discovery of mechanical immersive set design. I've moved from motion graphics and animation to fashion school to 3D compositing, and each time I was told, "this hasn’t been done before, you’ll have to work hard”. But I always understood what the path meant to me. My focus has always been very strong on representing inclusion of diversity and bringing a voice to mental illness among millennials. These matters hold a huge drive towards me creating the work I produce and picking the collaboration I partner with.
Honestly, my style depends on where I am in that moment of my life, whether it be emotionally, environmentally, or creatively. While working on live projects with brands such as ASOS, Westfield and Liberty’s of London, I came to realize that I had a strong interest in creating a voice within my work. Because of this, I intentionally keep a minimalistic approach to my work as I believe that a strong message deserves a clear voice. I also hold a strong influence from surrounding cultures and society. Regarding heroes, I’d say I have a few muses. Ranging from all aspects of the creative industry. Including the likes of Rihanna and Frida Kahlo whom have influenced my presence and voice within my work representing feminisms and culture as well as artists such as Es Devlin, Virgil Abloh and Colin Tilley whom have a distinctive voice in the creative immersive industry.
Jasmeen Armani
“I love having the freedom to access my work and edit on the go”
Majority of my work is done on my Mac with software such as the Adobe Creative suite, Autodesk Maya, DaVinci Resolve and Nuke. However, I love having the freedom to access my work and edit on the go on my iPhone XR whenever I have a spare minute, and that’s when I turn to a variety of different apps. My favourite few that I tend to visit every time before sharing on my site or social media include SCRL, Mojo, Unfold, Retouch, Snapseed and Videoleap.
What are some of the apps in your toolkit?
Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you?
“I believe that a strong message deserves a clear voice.”
You have a really unique style. What inspires you?
It feels like you have a grand vision. Where do you want to go with this?
Meet Jasmeen, a creative director and visual artist from the UK exploring new storytelling mediums with a diverse creative toolkit.